What To Expect from Fire Damage Repair

It’s no surprise that fires bring damage and destruction in their wake. With fire damage repair services from Lariat Builders Group, victims of fire can get their lives back on track sooner rather than later. Once the fire has been put out, it’s time for us to get to work. It’s important for homeowners to be acquainted with the steps that make up with fire damage repair process. This way, in the unfortunate event of fire, you’ll be able to know what must be done and how our team can help you and your family return to normalcy.

Start By Assessing the Fire Damage

After the fire has been put out, one of our professionals will come to your home in order to assess the damage. Your home will be examined in detail. Once the examination is complete, you’ll know exactly how extensive the damage was. In some instances, the damage won’t be obvious or clear. This can place homeowners in a false sense of security, eventually leading to detrimental issues going unnoticed until it’s too late. For this reason, it’s best to have a professional assess the damage caused by the fire. Through this process, the damage can be tended to properly.

Once the damage has been fully assessed, it’s time to isolate any unsafe areas. Structural issues or damage to the ceiling can make certain areas dangerous and unsafe. Sometimes, the damage is obvious but other times it may be much harder to spot. A professional can appropriately isolate the most unsafe areas.

Go On to Remove Any Water, Soot, and Smoke

The fire damage repair process entails water removal. The water used to extinguish the fire can lead to more damage. A professional team will be able to remove all the water and dry any affected areas. If this step is skipped, the water will stagnate and lead to more drastic damage.

Apart from destruction, fires leave soot and smoke in their wake. Even after the fire has been put out, this residue will remain in the building. Smoke damage can be just as detrimental as actual fire damage so it’s best to deal with the smoke-related damage as soon as possible. A professional team will remove the soot and residue from the walls, ceilings and items, if they are salvageable. There are also methods available that remove the strong odor of smoke from the air.

Finish by Sanitizing, Cleaning, and Repairing Your El Paso Home

After this is all taken care of, it’s time for the final step: to sanitize and clean the property. Once this step is completed, you’ll be able to go back to living at home. If the fire damage extended to the roof or internal structure of your home, Lariat Builders Group is able to provide the repair and construction services you require. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.