Your Home Maintenance Guide

home maintenance

home maintenance

Home is where you rest your head. Home is where your family eats dinner. And home is where the best memories are made. The ways in which we value our home may differ but the common sentiment is that it’s the place where we feel most secure. Keeping that security alive often includes maintaining the areas that risk the potential of causing damage.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or are well into owning your third or fourth home, performing routine maintenance can be a tricky task. It’s not always clear how often one needs to check the kitchen’s exhaust fan. But it’s precisely those details that make a difference. So we thought it’d be a good idea to break down how often something needs to be inspected or replaced on a monthly and seasonal basis.

Your Monthly Checklist

  • Change out the air filters. Most manufacturers will say that HVAC filters need to be changed every 30 to 60 days. This will ultimately depend on a couple of factors. For one, if you own a cat or dog, you’re looking at an average of every 60 days. On another note, if you suffer from allergies, you’ll want to bump that up to every 20 to 45 days, depending on the severity of your symptoms. But if you’re hardly ever home or this is a seasonal residence, you can extend that length up to 90 days.
  • Check and/or replace the batteries of your smoke detectors. You’ll want to install a smoke detector on every floor of your home as well as the basement or attic. As a rule of thumb, be sure to check each detector’s batteries at least once a month. It only requires a couple of minutes and the difference a smoke detector makes is significant.
  • Clean the garbage disposal. There’s debate over how often the garbage disposal needs to be cleaned—some say once a week, others claim once a month. This will depend on how often you throw food waste down the drain. But at least once a month you’ll want to thoroughly clean it using baking soda and hot water. First, throw in a couple of ice cubes into the disposal then flush them down with baking soda and hot water.   

Every Three to Four Months

  • Check door and window locks. With everyday use, door locks can become loose or require some finetuning to ensure they’re performing optimally. A door lock that’s too tight or too difficult to open is not safe. The same applies for home windows. You want to make sure that you can open them without any trouble. Once March, June, September, or December roll around, be sure to perform a routine check on your doors and windows.
  • Check the exterior of your home. Look for any cracks in the walls, the chipping of paint, or any missing roof shingles. By inspecting the exterior of your home, you’ll uncover any potential damage that can be addressed early on or before the start of a new season, which may bring unpredictable weather. You should have a professional roofer inspect your roof.

Your Seasonal Home Maintenance Tips

Each Winter

  • Check the basement and/or attic for any leaks– By spotting leaks in the basement or attic, you can avoid the damage that’s caused when those leaks spread to the rest of your home, often leading to mold.
  • Clean the exhaust fan grill– Your stove and oven will see a lot of oil and different chemicals splattered throughout. It’s important to clean both the exhaust fan in order to rid it of the grease that will collect over time. Leftover grease can easily start a fire if you’re not careful.   
  • Inspect your roof– Have your roof professionally inspected just to be sure no repairs are needed.  

Every Spring

  • Remove leaves or outside debris from gutters- Keeping your gutters clean is important for your home’s exterior and interior. Since gutters control the flow of water, they also keep your roof and walls protected from water. Clogged gutters often leak to mold and the infestation of rodents and/or pests.  
  • Have your septic tank professionally inspected and cleaned- How often you have your septic tank cleaned may depend on the size of your household. Ultimately, you want to make sure you have it inspected once a year in the spring to make sure it’s functioning properly.
  • Flush the water heaterDoing so will help prevent the buildup of minerals and other harmful corrosion. It will also keep your water heater running as smooth as possible.

When Summer Rolls Around

  • Make sure your dryer’s vents are clean- When a dryer overheats, it can cause a fire. Lint is the culprit, which is why cleaning the lint filters is key. Unfortunately, those lint traps that we clean after each use isn’t able to capture all of the lint that’s produced. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure that the inside of the dryer is cleaned and free from excess lint.

Do Your Part to Avoid Property Damage

The value of your home comes in many different forms, from its financial value to the sentiment you and your family place on it as a means of shelter, security, and warmth. When the subject of potentially losing or damaging your home is brought up, it will ultimately raise feelings of fear and maybe even anger. Doing your part to keep your home protected is the best mechanism for challenging that fear. There are natural events that will occur such as a storm that may bring property damage but by focusing on preventable measures, you’ll find that your home will remain as secure as possible. As with any matter, taking precaution is always key!    

Contact Lariat Builders Group

At Lariat Builders, we do our best to inform you about all of the safety precautions that will keep your home as secure as possible. This includes tips that affect your home’s physical structure as well as your own health and safety. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding seasonal updates, repairs, and how to best restore an area of your home if property damage does occur. Please connect with us today if you have any questions!

Commercial Construction: Positively Anchoring the Community

commercial construction in the El Paso areaCommercial spaces are intrinsic to modern society. Every commercial building, from retail stores to medical facilities, plays a vital role in the betterment of the community. If you’re in the Southwest region and you require commercial construction services, Lariat Builders Group can help. But what goes into commercial construction and why does it differ from its residential counterpart? The answer may surprise you. Whether you require restoration services for unexpected damage or you’d like to renovate or improve your commercial space, we can help.

Differentiating Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is a facet of general construction that refers to any building in the private sector including offices, medical centers, and retail centers. Much like residential, state, and federal construction, commercial buildings can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The construction aspect can refer to small projects, such as interior design, or larger projects, such as the addition of a new floor or building. Since commercial buildings see an almost constant amount of traffic on a daily basis, it’s necessary for the construction to be sturdy and reliable. This way, employees, guests, and owners alike can feel confident whenever they visit the commercial space.

How Commercial Construction Impacts the Community

Commercial buildings are no strangers to wear and tear. Even the most well-kept building will require restoration construction services at one point or another. If a commercial building faces damages due to unforeseen circumstances, reconstruction services become crucial. When commercial buildings face water, fire, or vehicle impact damage, the outcomes radiate negatively within the community that relies on said commercial building. When a commercial building shuts down due to damage, employees may be unable to work to support their families while clients may be unable to visit building as they would regularly. Since commercial buildings include medical facilities, religious institutions, hotels, and schools (in addition to retail) it’s easy to see how the ramifications of damage can radiate within the community that surrounds said commercial space.

How Lariat Builders Group Can Help

In order to have a reliable commercial space, it’s necessary to team up with a trustworthy builders group. This way, if an issue were to befall your building, you can rest easy knowing it will be taken care of in a swift and high-quality manner. Lariat Builders Group specializes in restoration, general construction, and roofing. Whether your commercial building requires a new roofing system, an upgrade, or a complete restoration, we can help. Contact Lariat Builders Group today to learn more about what we have to offer!

What Property Owners Should Know About Commercial Roofing

a professional installing commercial roofing over a business centerWhen it comes to protecting commercial buildings in the Southwest region, it’s necessary for property owners to make sure their roofing is in tip-top shape. This is especially true for businesses in the Southwest region where temperatures tend to reach the high 90s on a daily basis. Harsh, scorching rays of sunlight aren’t the only hazards that bombard commercial roofs throughout the day. Commercial roofing is meant to protect buildings from heavy winds, rain, and hail in addition to extreme heat. If you require commercial roofing services, Lariat Builders Group can gladly help!

The First Line of Defense Against Natural Hazards

Maintaining a commercial roof in top shape is necessary in order for property owners to avoid serious consequences. The roof is the building’s first line of defense against natural hazards. Even though commercial roofing is strong and resilient, it is not invulnerable. For this reason, it’s necessary for property owners to keep their commercial roof in check. Regularly scheduled maintenance can save business owners thousands of dollars in damages. Through maintenance, your roof will be able to withstand any natural hazard.

Although the Southwest area is mostly known for high temperatures, other natural hazards, such as strong winds and violent hail, still exist. Strong winds can come out of nowhere, leaving business owners with little to no time to prepare. If a large branch were to fall on a weak or worn-out commercial roof, the damage may be incredibly detrimental. This is why reinforced roofing systems are so crucial.

What Happens If A Disaster Strikes Your Commercial Building?

Even though the Southwest region tends to be mostly safe throughout the year, a disaster may strike at any time. In fact, since this region doesn’t experience tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes, business owners may fall into a false sense of security. The sun will shine tomorrow, after all. It is this false sense of security that will lead to disastrous consequences when unexpected weather strikes. As soon as a disaster occurs, it’s time to get to work. Lariat Builders Group offers high-quality commercial roofing services for business owners in the Southwest region. Whether your roof requires maintenance or restoration services, we can help. Lariat Builders Group specializes in roofing and damage restoration services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to restore your commercial roof!

How a Damage Restoration Contractor Can Help After a Flood

heavy rain falling on a home's roof leading to flood damageEven though El Paso is a desert city, homeowners can still be at risk of floods or water damage. The dry desert climate places homeowners into a false sense of security. But a flood or any other water problem can quickly wreak havoc in your home, damaging furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. It’s best for homeowners to be prepared to deal with water damage, but often homeowners don’t consider this until it’s too late. If you’re in need of assistance from a damage restoration contractor, Lariat Builders Group can help.

Even Desert Dwellers Have to Be Weary of Flooding

Even though it may not rain too often in El Paso, that doesn’t mean that homeowners are always completely safe from flooding. In 2006, El Paso was ravaged by a tremendous storm that went on for days. Entire houses were flooded and destroyed, forcing homeowners to seek expensive restorations or move into entirely new homes. Floods come in a flash and it’s difficult to prepare once it starts to rain. But what if you prepared before any flash flood warnings start to buzz on your smartphone?

Preparing Before the Flood

In order to prepare accordingly, you need to understand what a flood (or water damage) can do to your home. First and foremost, it’s paramount for your electrical components to be at least 12 inches from your home’s projected flood elevation. A trustworthy electrician can help you in this regard. If your home floods and the water is at the level of your electrical outlets, your home can become incredibly dangerous. Your loved ones can be at risk of electrocution.

Floods can also lead to backflow so it’s important to install backflow valves to prevent flood water from entering your home through your drains, toilets, or sinks. Although these steps may help you to avoid detrimental flooding issues, they may not completely halt the flooding process. In the event that your home floods, your home will suffer from damages that will require restoration services.

What to Do After a Flood

Even the most insignificant form of water damage can lead to unsafe situations. The flood water could have damaged much more than just the carpet in your living room. Water damage restoration requires your home’s walls, roofs, and flooring to be repaired. Depending on the level of the damage, your home may require more substantial repairs. Air ducts and sewage systems, for instance, may have also suffered from water damage. In order for your home’s repairs to be as complete as possible, it’s crucial to team up with a damage restoration contractor who can provide exactly what you need. Contact Lariat Builders Group today to learn more about how we can help you when the next big storm hits.