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About Lariat Builders Group Corp.

Mission Statement

We will provide commercial roofing and damage restoration services for both your home and business in the areas that we work in. We will work endlessly to provide the best customer experience and quality to those we serve, a comfortable and desirable work environment for our valued employees, and an organization that will be recognized as a leader in our industry.

Core Values

People: We attract and recruit the finest people in our industry. We respect our customers, our colleagues, our vendors, our competitors, and our employees. Our employees are our greatest asset. Value: We provide the most value when we consider our pricing. Our pricing is fair and is structured in a way that allows us to provide the overall superior quality of the services we provide. Integrity: Integrity in our organization is a critical component and the most important of our core values. We only operate in an honest manner, and we are committed to always doing the right thing. Trust: We are determined to gain the trust of our customers, our colleagues, our vendors, and our employees. Quite simply, we will do what we say. Passion for winning: We work hard to be the best in our industry. We are committed to continuous education and we prepare to win. We win when our customers are happy!

West Texas &       New Mexico


We are committed to helping our customers REBUILD their memories and realize their dreams.

Commercial Construction

Residential Construction

We encourage you to contact our office to learn more about our company, our qualifications, and how we can help you.

Carlo Quintana

Jeanette Quintana
Vice President

Dennis Pellicotte
General Manager

Vanessa Magdaleno
Office Manager

Demetri Cochran
Project Manager

Manny Medrano
Project Manager

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Project Manager

Sonia Magana
24 Hour Emergency Services

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