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Vehicle Impact

El Paso Vehicle Impact Home Repair

vehicle impact on a home that will need repairUnfortunately, though we rarely see them coming, accidents do happen. Whether it’s an inexperienced teen who drives through the garage wall or an intoxicated driver who turns a corner too quickly and collides with the corner of the home, vehicle impact accidents often involve extensive home repair and construction work.

Vehicle Impact Repair Process

An average two-ton vehicle can do quite a number on a home whether that home is typical siding, rock, or brick. We know how to put a home or business back together after this kind of impact. Here’s a simplified breakdown of some typical repairs that must be done.

  • Inspect and assess the extent of the damage. Often, this is also the stage where you will begin the insurance claim process and make sure you are set up with your insurance before we begin construction.
  • Clean up debris created from the impact. We’ll make sure to clear the area before we begin the project.
  • Seal off and tarp any compromised damage.
  • Stabilize and repair structural damage. We’ll make sure the wall and foundational structure is in great condition.
  • Reconstruct windows, doors, framing, and any other repairs.
  • Take care of any plumbing or electrical concerns.
  • Paint and refinish reconstructed area. Before any project is finished, we will make sure your home or business is in excellent condition and you are more than pleased with the final result.

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Lariat Builders Group specializes in vehicle impact home repair, but we can also restore and repair commercial properties. Our craftsmanship is unparalleled, and we keep integrity as a core value in all we do. We’ll treat your home or business like it’s our own. If you’ve recently faced an unexpected vehicle impact incident, give us a call.