A Message to Our Clients

A message to our valued clients:

As we navigate through this tough time with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we want to communicate to you how our company has implemented steps to prevent the spread of the virus, while safely keeping our doors open to you, our valued client for any home or business damage needs.

First and foremost, we emphasize that safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. We recognize that there are certain concerns surrounding the virus, therefore we are implementing the necessary measures required to provide a safe environment.

The following are the precautions we are taking in an effort to help you feel confident about our team entering into your business or home.

· Cleaning precautions – We have enhanced the amount of cleaning and sanitation on all human touch points at our office, warehouse, restrooms, vehicles and equipment. This includes a daily sanitation of our office with a disinfectant solution.

· No hand shake policy – While we are firm believers of a good old fashioned handshake, at this time we have implemented a “No Handshake” policy for all employees.

· As an additional step to ensure we are doing our part in minimizing the spear of the virus, employees who do not feel well in any way are required to stay home.

· No visitors at this time – For the time being, our office is closed to visitors, and other non-staff individuals. Our phone line are open, and we are handling all transactions virtually.

· Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – Our technicians will wear PPE in the form of masks and latex gloves upon arrival. Additional PPE such as suits, boots, respirators, etc. may also be used depending on the situation.

As our staff and project managers visit your locations, please let us know of there are any specific instructions or policies your company may have put in place, in an effort to allow us to cooperate with your policies. While it is uncertain how long these precautions will be necessary, we will continue to update you regularly as the situation evolves.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will continue to monitor the restrictions set forth and will make changes or adjustments to our policies accordingly. For up to date information regarding the Coronavirus Disease 2019, visit www.CDC.gov

Carlo Quintana
President, Lariat Builders Group, Corp, Lariat Restoration

Commercial Construction: Positively Anchoring the Community

commercial construction in the El Paso areaCommercial spaces are intrinsic to modern society. Every commercial building, from retail stores to medical facilities, plays a vital role in the betterment of the community. If you’re in the Southwest region and you require commercial construction services, Lariat Builders Group can help. But what goes into commercial construction and why does it differ from its residential counterpart? The answer may surprise you. Whether you require restoration services for unexpected damage or you’d like to renovate or improve your commercial space, we can help.

Differentiating Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is a facet of general construction that refers to any building in the private sector including offices, medical centers, and retail centers. Much like residential, state, and federal construction, commercial buildings can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The construction aspect can refer to small projects, such as interior design, or larger projects, such as the addition of a new floor or building. Since commercial buildings see an almost constant amount of traffic on a daily basis, it’s necessary for the construction to be sturdy and reliable. This way, employees, guests, and owners alike can feel confident whenever they visit the commercial space.

How Commercial Construction Impacts the Community

Commercial buildings are no strangers to wear and tear. Even the most well-kept building will require restoration construction services at one point or another. If a commercial building faces damages due to unforeseen circumstances, reconstruction services become crucial. When commercial buildings face water, fire, or vehicle impact damage, the outcomes radiate negatively within the community that relies on said commercial building. When a commercial building shuts down due to damage, employees may be unable to work to support their families while clients may be unable to visit building as they would regularly. Since commercial buildings include medical facilities, religious institutions, hotels, and schools (in addition to retail) it’s easy to see how the ramifications of damage can radiate within the community that surrounds said commercial space.

How Lariat Builders Group Can Help

In order to have a reliable commercial space, it’s necessary to team up with a trustworthy builders group. This way, if an issue were to befall your building, you can rest easy knowing it will be taken care of in a swift and high-quality manner. Lariat Builders Group specializes in restoration, general construction, and roofing. Whether your commercial building requires a new roofing system, an upgrade, or a complete restoration, we can help. Contact Lariat Builders Group today to learn more about what we have to offer!